SO what is the greatest gift we have on earth?

Hint:  Your wearing It.   Without it your Spirit could not be on earth.

Thats right, its your Earth Suit.  Think it's funny, Think again !

If you know any wise guys who do not believe in intelligent design ask them to explain how the eathsuit came to be and how it works. 

And none of this unprovable nonsense of evolution & the missing link... I mean explain it or shut up.

Any igornant human can abuse the greatest Gift ever but a level headed human will at least ask the question how & why should I believe this..and who am I "REALLY"

Expect us to Really Believe this stuff!    Hey guess what by computer just evolved to Microsoft 8 without any intelligent help and did not cost me anything. 

If Your brain evolved it would work differently in each person from around the world.

Wake up,  watch the videos.

 Click here to learn just a little about your Brain.

Click here to learn how an eye works in more than one person.

Click here to learn about your Heart.

Click here to learn about your Stomach

Click here to learn about your Spine

Click here to learn about your Nervous System

Ever lose a body part? Did it grow back? Why not?

If you watch these videos and still dont believe that intellengence is behind it, I also have a bridge I would like to sell you cheap...

Still dont believe you have been given a Great Gift ...  Exactly how little do you know?